Virus & Spyware Removal in Buffalo, NY

Virus/Spyware Removal

The PC Surgeon has successfully cured and prevented further infections with their virus/spyware removal system. Often times computers from manufactures or big box stores do not include protection from these types of threats. As with all of our services, we begin with a full diagnostic test to spot any vulnerabilities in the hardware or software. Once the assessment is complete we can agree on the best course of action for your machine.

Some tips to spot a potential virus on your laptop or computer:

  • Annoying pop-ups that push you to click on unsafe sites or bait you to download malicious software.
  • Your homepage has been changed or any other browsing traffic not logged by the computer owner.
  • Your email account is sending mass unsolicited messages.
  • A virus can be catastrophic to your hard drive causing it to freeze or crash.
  • Drastic changes in computer speed could indicate a computer virus.
  • Be wary of any  applications that launch on startup that you did not install.
  • Password resets and changes that you did not authorize.

Prevention of viruses in the future can be mitigated with prevented with the proper installation of antivirus software also available at the PC Surgeon.

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