Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement in Buffalo, NY

Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement

What does a failed hard drive look like? The infamous Blue Screen Of Death or a computer crash is the most severe symptom, but they can also appear as smaller heart attacks. Errors during or after attempting to copy/move files can indicate a disk problem. Run a SMART test for a quick analysis. If you notice any files seemingly disappear this can be from faulty hardware.

Unless your tech is over a decade old, it should access files quickly. Slow computer problems that are specific to accessing files are frustrating and a sign of a bad drive. Lastly, hard drive failures are often preceded by out of the ordinary noises and/or clicking. This is a good time to back everything up if you do not have an up to date backup.

Fried hard drives, drives on their last leg, or drive‚Äôs with insufficient storage should be replaced or upgraded.  Traditionally, hard drive disks (HDD) have been used, however solid state drives (SSD) have gained ground recently. The SSD have no moving parts and about 25 times faster than HDD, while the prices have become more reasonable. Trained surgeons are available to upgrade your computer to a solid state hard drive.

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